Self-Determination / Choice Voucher Resources

Listed below are resources for choice voucher participants and staff.  Each of the trainings are to be read by staff and signed indicating that they have read and understand the training material.  Once completed the signed training documents must be sent to the fiscal intermediary who will maintain a training record for each staff.

Choice Voucher Agreement Forms

Self Determination Agreement - For Adults

Choice Voucher Agreement - For Children

Self-Determination and Choice Voucher Handbook for Consumers

Criminal Background Check

Authorization for Recipient Rights Check

Employment Agreement

Purchase of Service Agreement

Self Determination Provider Agreement (Adults)

Medicaid Provider Assurance (Children)

Self-Determination Implementation Technical Advisory

Choice Voucher System for Children

CMHCM Self-Determination Policy (2.300.003)

Fiscal Intermediaries

GT Independence - 1.877.659.4500

Stuart Wilson, CPA, PC - 989.832.5400

Independent Facilitators

The Arc of Central Michigan 
P.O. Box 171
Mt. Pleasant, Michigan 48804-0171
Phone: 989.773.8765
Click here for facilitators.

Trisha Fenby
Phone: 989-600-0857
Click here for more information

Family and Children’s Services of Mid-Michigan
Phone: 989.631.5390

Staff Training Topics

Employer Resource

Hiring and Managing Personal Assistants

"The work ordered day gives my life meaning. It gives me something meaningful and fulfilling to do with my life. Before clubhouse I was sedentary and lifeless. The work ordered day now gives me something to do instead of just sitting down and watching TV "
-Mecosta County