Accessing Services

Accessing Community Mental Health Services

Same Day Access -- click here to start the Same Day Access to Services process via (No download required.)

Same Day Access is available on Mondays from 7:30am - 6pm and Tuesday - Friday from 7:30am - 3pm.

Disclaimer:  If you are logging in during off hours, please return during hours of operation.  If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, please call 1-800-317-0708 to speak with a member of the crisis team.  If you are experiencing a health emergency, please log off and call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency department.

You will need to gather the following materials prior to clicking the link and starting the process or walking into the office:

 Medicaid only, Medicaid/Medicare-

  • IEP Testing, IQ testing/Psych testing
  • List of medications
  • Guardianship/Durable power of Attorney, advance directive paperwork

Autism Referrals-

  • Well child visit/Annual Physical

Third Party Insurance or no insurance:

  • A copy of the most recent state income tax form
  • A copy of current employment paystubs
  • Other proof of income documents
  • A copy of current insurance cards.
  • IEP testing/IQ testing/Psych testing
  • List of Medications
  • Guardianship/Durable power of Attorney paperwork
  • Well child visit/Annual physical for Autism referrals


What if I’m in crisis?

If you or someone you love is experiencing a mental health crisis, please call us immediately to assess your needs. If medical attention is needed, call 9-1-1 or visit your nearest emergency department. To reach our 24-hour crisis line, please call (989) 772-5938 or toll-free (800) 317-0708.

What if I do not agree with a decision made regarding my need for services?

You will be given notice when a decision is made that denies your request for services or reduces, suspends or terminates the services you already receive. You have the right to file an appeal and/or request a state fair hearing when you do not agree with such a decision (state fair hearings are only available for Medicaid-covered individuals). To file an appeal, please call CMHCM Customer Services at (989) 772-5938 or toll-free (800) 317-0708.

What if I am not happy with the way my services were provided or the way I was treated?

If you are ever unhappy with the way your services are provided or how you are treated, we need to know. We strive to create an exceptional network of providers, so you can get the best, most effective treatment possible. Please notify us of any disappointing experiences you may have within the community mental health system. To file a grievance, please call CMHCM Customer Services at (989) 772-5938 or toll-free (800) 317-0708.

What happens if I feel my rights have been violated?

You, as a recipient of community mental health services, have the right:

  • to be free from abuse & neglect,
  • to be treated with dignity and respect,
  • to have your confidentiality upheld.

If you feel any of your rights have been violated, please call the CMHCM Recipient Rights Office at (989) 772-5938 or toll-free (800) 317-0708.



Northeast Michigan 2-1-1

Who Can Use 2-1-1?
If you're looking for assistance with a problem and you don't know where to turn, or you simply want information on a particular human service issue, 2-1-1 is for you.

When Can I Call?
2-1-1 is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

How Does 2-1-1 Work?
If you're in one of the communities covered by the 2-1-1 service, just pick up your phone and dial 2-1-1. If you are outside our service region, click here to find the 2-1-1 nearest you or contact the call center directly by dialing (888) 636-4211.

Who Answers the 2-1-1 Calls?
At Central Michigan 2-1-1, all the 211 calls are answered by trained professionals. Central Michigan 2-1-1 is endorsed by Michigan AIRS (Alliance of Information & Referral Systems).

What if I have problems dialing 2-1-1?
If you experience difficulty, simply call (888) 636-4211 to access the service and to inquire about technical assistance.

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