Services for Children

CMHCM offers services for children. Please contact the office in your county for more information.

Services CMHCM Provides

Assistive Technology includes adaptive devices and supplies that are not covered under the Medicaid Health Plan or by other community resources. These devices help individuals to better take care of themselves or to better interact in the places where they live, work, and play.

Environmental Modifications are physical changes to a person’s home, car, or work environment that are of direct medical or remedial benefit to the person. Modifications ensure access, protect health and safety, or enable greater independence for a person with physical disabilities. Note that other sources of funding must be explored first, before using Medicaid funds for environmental modifications.

Family Skills Training is education and training for families who live with and or care for a family member who is eligible for specialty services or the Children’s Waiver Program.

Home-Based Services for Children and Families are provided in the family home or in another community setting. Services are designed individually for each family and can include things like mental health therapy, crisis intervention, service coordination, or other supports to the family.

Mental Health Therapy and Counseling for Adults, Children, and Families includes therapy or counseling designed to help improve functioning and relationships with other people.

Skill-Building Assistance includes supports, services, and training to help a person participate actively at school, work, volunteer, or community settings or to learn social skills they may need to support themselves or to get around in the community.

Wraparound Services for Children and Adolescents with serious emotional disturbance and their families include treatment and supports necessary to maintain the child in the family home.


Services for Children's Waiver Participants

Some Medicaid beneficiaries are eligible for special services that help them avoid having to go to an institution for people with developmental disabilities or nursing home. These special services are included in the Children’s Waiver. In order to receive these services, people with developmental disabilities need to be enrolled in either of these waivers. The availability of these waivers is very limited. People enrolled in the waivers have access to the services listed above as well as those listed here:

Non-Family Training is customized training for the paid in-home support staff who provide care for a child enrolled in the waiver.

Specialty Services are music, recreation, art, or massage therapies that may be provided to help reduce or manage the symptoms of a child’s mental health condition or developmental disability. Specialty services might also include specialized child and family training, coaching, staff supervision, or monitoring of program goals.

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