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CMHCM offers a wide range of services for adults. The majority of eligible individuals participate in outpatient therapy but you may also qualify for other services which may include; case management, crisis services, psychiatric services, residential, and clubhouse. All services focus on supporting individuals in order to be become full participants in community life.


At CMHCM eligible children and their family members are provided support, guidance, and intervention by staff that have training in the best evidenced-based practices available. Whether your child has a developmental disability or demonstrates behavioral challenges as a result of a childhood trauma, stress, or loss, intervention and support is available.


Wraparound, infant mental health, Home-based, Respite, and case management are some of the services available to families to help support and resolve child behavior challenges. Parents are often the focus of intervention as they are vital for bringing about the changes within the home and with their child.

Substance Use Disorders

Persons with a co-occurring disorder, mental health concerns along with an alcohol or drug use problem, may be eligible to receive services for both issues at CMHCM. Treating the whole person means dealing with both issues and staff have the training to help a person achieve Recovery from both.

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“I am more aware of and deal better with daily problems.”

- Gladwin County

“I have become a better person... I am smiling more.”

- Osceola County

“I have become a better person... I am smiling more.”

- Osceola County

“I never knew about DBT and now that I am in it I have changed my...”

- Midland County

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