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  • MDHHS Behavioral Health Presentation - 3.20.24

    MDHHS Behavioral Health Presentation - 3.20.24

  • Board Executive Committee - 5.23.24
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  • Board of Directors Meeting - 5.28.24
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  • CMHCM/MMI Walk & Roll: May 11, 2024

    CMHCM/MMI Walk & Roll: May 11, 2024

  • BCCHPS April 2024 Provider Newsletter

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    APRIL 2024

    BCCHPS Introduction



    Welcome to the Bureau of Children’s Coordinated Health Policy & Supports (BCCHPS) monthly newsletter. The goal of this communication is to keep partners apprised of work being conducted within the Bureau, including updates on key initiatives. Please share with others who may benefit from this information. If you would like to become part of our list for regular dissemination, please complete this brief form.

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    The MichiCANS is a collaborative tool crafted to explore and communicate the needs and strengths of the child/youth and family. This allows staff to listen to the experiences of the child and family; and together, the child, family, and care team can prioritize action steps and track changes. Use of the Michigan Child & Adolescent Needs and Strengths (MichiCANS) tool is underway. On January 8, 2024, five Community Mental Health (CMH) sites across the state began utilizing this standardized screening tool in preparation for a statewide launch on October 1, 2024. Information from this "soft launch" will help inform successful continued use of the tool across the state. Updates about expansion of the MichiCANS can be found on the MichiCANS website.

    MichiCANS Website

    Thank you to the following CMH sites for piloting use of the MichiCANS to help support statewide launch:

    • HealthWest
    • North Country
    • CMH for Central Michigan
    • Sanilac CMH
    • Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (Children’s Center)

    Foster parents with child

    Behavioral Health Data Dashboard

    Data Dashboard VisualData Dashboard VisualLived Experience Feedback

    BCCHPS is committed to thinking critically and creatively to ensure youth and family voice, expertise, and perspective is embedded in the work we do. We welcome thoughts and feedback of providers and those with lived experience. Input may help inform:

    • State policy or program changes.
    • Best practices to engage with children, families, and providers.
    • Guidance for and understanding of service eligibility and access.
    • How to strengthen partnerships between children, families, and service providers. 

    Your help may be requested in a variety of ways: participation in surveys, focus groups, art design, personal stories, advisory committees, etc. Providing feedback when requested is always optional. If you are interested in offering your viewpoint, please complete this brief form. We will let you know when opportunities become available. Thank you for sharing!

  • New Journey Clubhouse Walk-a-Mile - 6.13

    New Journey Clubhouse Walk-a-Mile

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