Karen Bressette
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Direct Care Training Initiative

Goals and Activities:

Train for Impact

  • Train for specific to the home environment with redesigned Group Home Curriculum (GHC)
  • Train using time-tested learning points backed by veteran trainers
  • Integrate the GHC with consumer's plan
  • Employ directly related training activity to demonstrate learning (e.g., intervention)
  • Completed assignments indicate completion of training
  • Provide immediate relevance to DSP training
  • Reduce loss of comprehension using on-the-job learning

Reduce time to training completion by at least 50%

  • Design training curriculum that expedites learning points
  • Eliminiate/reduce travel time to CMHCM
  • Eliminate class waiting lists
  • Enable just-in-time training by providers

As trainers of DSP's for many years, CMHCM is truly sincere in our concerns

  • Training as a priority held by Home Managers
  • Training as a competency demostrated by Home Managers (training certification)
  • Fidelity of training over time -- compliance motivation vs. quality assurance
  • Reading accomodations for those who have difficulty reading

Training Units

CenTrain Group Home Curriculum Training
Computer Fillable Form(PDF)   Handwritten Form

Centrain Planning, Design & Correspondence

Trainer Resources

CPR & First Aid

Safety and Fire Prevention

Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services

Person Centered Planning

Introduction to Community Residential Services & Introduction to the Specialized Needs of Individuals with Developmental Disability or Mental Illness

Health Interventions:  Hygiene, Infection Control, Nutrition, Food Preparation, Special Diets, Signs & Symptoms of Illness, Vital Signs


Non-Aversive Techniques

Crisis Intervention


Community Mental Health for Central Michigan Provider Forum Minutes

Recipient Rights Training

Training Reciprocity Partners

"Nurses, doctors, and case managers working together to help me with resources and working strongly to help me overcome the loss of my marriage"
-Osceola County