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Direct Care Training Initiative

Goals and Activities:

Train for Impact

  • Train for specific to the home environment with redesigned Group Home Curriculum (GHC)
  • Train using time-tested learning points backed by veteran trainers
  • Integrate the GHC with consumer's plan
  • Employ directly related training activity to demonstrate learning (e.g., intervention)
  • Completed assignments indicate completion of training
  • Provide immediate relevance to DSP training
  • Reduce loss of comprehension using on-the-job learning

Reduce time to training completion by at least 50%

  • Design training curriculum that expedites learning points
  • Eliminiate/reduce travel time to CMHCM
  • Eliminate class waiting lists
  • Enable just-in-time training by providers

As trainers of DSP's for many years, CMHCM is truly sincere in our concerns

  • Training as a priority held by Home Managers
  • Training as a competency demostrated by Home Managers (training certification)
  • Fidelity of training over time -- compliance motivation vs. quality assurance
  • Reading accomodations for those who have difficulty reading

Training Units

CenTrain Group Home Curriculum Training
Computer Fillable Form(PDF)   Handwritten Form

Centrain Planning, Design & Correspondence

Trainer Resources

CPR & First Aid

Safety and Fire Prevention

Rights of Recipients of Mental Health Services

Person Centered Planning

Introduction to Community Residential Services & Introduction to the Specialized Needs of Individuals with Developmental Disability or Mental Illness

Health Interventions:  Hygiene, Infection Control, Nutrition, Food Preparation, Special Diets, Signs & Symptoms of Illness, Vital Signs


Non-Aversive Techniques

Crisis Intervention


Community Mental Health for Central Michigan Provider Forum Minutes

Recipient Rights Training

Training Reciprocity Partners

"Matt D. is an amazing therapist. I absolutely loved having him in my corner."
-Clare County